holes youve left
where memories were planted
then uprooted when you left.

we got a dog.
how can you forget,
he digs in your backyard:
holes in the ground,
holes in my chest.

nights away
so many miles away
the moon, so constant
and round –
hole in the sky.

not so constant.
waning, waxing,
whole, unwhole.
do you think she is beautiful?

she loves you from afar.

the continuous oceans of our barren earth.
temporal tides lap onto the shore.
someone drinks sap from a tree.
she notices now, your silence, unrelenting.

you are the gravity of my being
have been the gravity so long
you left

a hole,

from which i have sunken, the
swallowing, sweltering, shuddering
soul of mine.

we named the dog
Tycho – 
little crater of the moon.
welcomed into your heart
into the space i carved

the mistake, the hole that
continues to stay

she watches his life from afar. 

last updated 09.17.17 by Shreeda.


  1. Was a big fan of the homophones, the rhythmic style in several places.

    "the moon, so constant
    and round –
    hole in the sky."

    is one example of exceptional flow.

    The "she loves you from afar" in the middle works better than the "she watches his life from afar" at the end.

    So I like the perspective shifts: forgetting, dogloss, moon, secret admiration, tides, gravity, submersion, brief loop back to stuff, regret, loneliness. It can be cleaned up, expanded upon, etc.

    Holey mother of god holpe my holse bares holethy fhoals. ok bye


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